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The Main Street Program has been incredibly successful, making it one of the most powerful economic development tools in the nation, by focusing on historic preservation and retaining community character to facilitate the vitality of downtown and its businesses. Reinvestment statistics have been tracked annually since 1980 in over 1,700 communities. 


Reinvestment figures are a nationally accepted standard for measuring the vitality of a business district. The statistics indicate to the public and governing bodies that those businesses have faith in the continued success of their Main Street District, in turn reinvesting in the future growth of that district. They reflect the private dollars invested in capital improvements, renovations or development of businesses and acquisitions of commercial property, the net number of new businesses in the District and the net number of new jobs created within a fiscal year.


Additionally, a “Reinvestment Ratio” can be extrapolated to indicate the amount of new investment that occurs for every dollar a participating community spends to support the operation of its Main Street program per fiscal year. It gives the community a way to gauge return on investment and can be compared with other Main Street Programs and business districts across the country.


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